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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

“Of the Earth” Sumi e Oil Painting Original Minis by Marilyn Wells

“Of the Earth” Sumi e Oil Painting Original Minis by Marilyn Wells

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This series of 6 paintings in oil are inspired by simple Zen subjects of utter simplicity and integrity, incorporating much white space. Trees and bark, rocks, weeds and Ravens of the American West are my favorite subjects of late. “The real cohesion of a sumi-e piece of art is defined by void (white spaces). It constitutes the invisible 'chi' that enhances its parts. Void, in our minds, is the freedom between thought and thought. Similarly, a Zen mind holds itself together thanks to the freedom of void. Our minds are 'buddha-void art pieces". ~ From Paul Quintero (zen art and chinese calligraphy) @zen_art_time.

The two end pieces, crows in flight, measure 9" x 12" and the 4 middle paintings measure 8" x 10" each.

They represent our shared love for American landscape, especially the bark of trees, rocks, weeds and the utter simplicity of the woods and wilderness places, sometimes in the mountains, sometimes of the plains. I give them to you as a respite and retreat for your eyes as they were for mine in painting them.

The canvas is the finest canvas available. Each set comes to you with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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