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I want to help you fan your own inner spark and light - to experience openness of heart and soul and being more fully alive.

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In my abstract sumi-e art, I begin with a line of poetry, prose, or a piece of music. I want to know this concept on a deeper level of consciousness than the intellect alone. I go into my body. I listen to a deeper voice within me, not my head voice.

I get very quiet in front of a piece of rice paper and respond with my brush and my ink, out of this deeper space. The image is painted—almost, it seems, of its own accord.

When I share this artwork, I find the viewer also stops for a moment and does the same. As you sit with the work, something takes shape within you, resonates in your own depths. 

I want to engage you, the viewer, in what comes up for you. This is my invitation to you. The results often feel magical; you have been met; you have been heard yourself.

This work comes from a contemplative depth of meditation, both Zen Buddhist and Contemplative Christian, and from studying Zen artists, poets and Western abstract artists from Kokoschka through Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell and all the abstract artists in between.

With my figurative Woman as Art, I find I long for color and thirst for line, and always have since my early childhood in rural Nebraska. I reveal the light held in the darkness of a gesture. I strive to reveal the inner light within women I paint. I reveal the divine illumination that carries us in an evolutionary spirituality and an eternal presence of Being. The essence of my work is Heart and Soul and I-Thou relationship.

I am inspired by poetry, prose and my own haiku. The written word usually provokes the image. At times, direct revelation in the form of an image appears in my mind whole and complete first, particularly in painting the feminine.

Sometimes my themes are from my childhood memories, like the farms I grew up on and my grandmother, but other times they come from poetry or myths that have warmed my imagination, like East of the Sun & West of the Moon.

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