Collection: Tarot and Card Readings

Upon enrolling for Tarot Reading in Person, think about what questions you might have that you would like to find answers for from within yourself with my help and guidance. We will spend our time working together on a reading that will help you gain deeper insight and make plans for how you might want to move ahead.

We begin each session with a brief period of meditative silence to gather ourselves into our centers, as this opens your heart and soul to your work.

We will work together to help you become more truly the person you and only you can ever be and were always meant to be.. 

Last, we have some sharing time on what you have experienced and how you want to continue your own personal growth and development with new tools now.

These sessions have two options, either on a mutually agreed schedule. If you are local, we will agree on a site and work privately one on one. If you are out of the city, USA or international, we will work via Zoom.

From Colette Baron-Reid - "The Good Tarot"