Collection: Small Parties

We'll make a Custom Painting Party of up to 7 participants on a time of your choice. I will work with you to make your time fun and learning how to make brush strokes, learn techniques for painting, either Abstract Sumi e or Watercolor mediums, possibly writing haiku or poetry and (maybe by the light of the moon!) drinking wine in the oldest Zen tradition. Or I will touch Heart and Soul by doing Tarot Readings for you to help you discover your own depths of creativity before you even begin any technique.

Participants have paintings and/or memories to take home - the memory of an evening of sharing and fun with their friends in a meaningful venue.

I provide all painting materials, you provide party location, picnic and drinks - Date TBD. 

Contact me - if you'd like to Host a Painting Party. We'll work it out together. 

Small Parties - Painting with Marilyn Wells