Free Videos - Art Making

Because “I want to fan the flame of your own inner recognition—

The spark is within you. I will help you reveal new insights from your heart and soul.

You are on a path of mystery and magic that will inspire you to see your own inner spark and light - to experience openness of heart and soul to be more fully alive.”- Marilyn Wells"

These videos are designed to inspire you and serve you with tips, techniques and thoughts on your path of your own Creation.

1. How I Create an Abstract Sumi e Painting from a Haiku

2. Art Making - Make a Wash for a Canvas to be Painted in Oils with Acrylics

3. Art Canvas Prep from Unwrapping through Under Painting the Canvas


4. Art Making Prep - Underpainting the 2nd Coat onto Canvas

5. Art Making by Finishing the Sides of a Canvas.