Collection: Counselling for Personal Growth

“I want to fan your own inner spark and light - to experience openness of heart and soul and being more fully alive.” - Marilyn Wells

I have worked for many years as a Jungian Psychotherapist, using traditional, spiritual and trans-personal styles, including Dream Work. Persons who have spent even brief periods of time with me move forward with a great deal of inner growth and satisfaction in following a personal, spiritual, pathway with renewed vigor and deeper insights. At times we do Expressive art work with this; much of our time is client talking, me listening, and sharing how to get to the deeper messages coming from from your own unconscious to work with your conscious life better.  

I hold a Ph.D. degree from Greenwich University, 2000, inJungian Psychotherapeutic Studies.

Additionally I have Certification in Jungian Psychotherapy, C. G. Jung foundation, Denver, Co.,  Jungian fundamentals, 2 years, Jungian Psychotherapy, 1 year, Dream Study, Mythology, Fairy Tale Interpretation, and Alchemy.

As well as workshops in Process-Oriented Psychology, developed by Jungian Analyst, Physicist and author Dr. Arnold Mindell, and directed by Waynelle Wilder, President, Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology, Inc., Denver, Co.; Dream Work by Marc Barasch, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Co; Lucid Dreaming, Stephen LaBerge, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Co.; Trauma and Spirituality, Peter Levine, Denver, Co.

Full Disclosure and licensure will be given upon engagement with you as a participant.

Updated 6-09-2022