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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Dreamwork for Personal Growth - In Person - Live Courses

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Upon enrolling for Dreamwork, first, we will discuss which combination of dream analysis for personal growth and talk-therapy will best serve you. You will be recording your Dreams before we meet in Session together and we will enjoy a two hour lesson together under my guidance.

Typically we look at what your dreams, which come to you from your unconscious for your personal growth, if you choose to explore them, to help you understand what they are telling you, point by point. Then we have some sharing time on what new insights you may have gathered about the message that is coming to you from this dream or collection of dreams. I will encourage you to continue your own personal growth and development with these new insights.

We begin each session with a brief period of meditative silence to gather ourselves into our centers.

I have many years of experience with Dream work, as well as standard certifications, which I will share with you upon request. I also work with Expressive Art in conjunction with Dream work at your request. 

These sessions have two options, either on a mutually agreed schedule. If you are local, we will agree on a site and work privately one on one. If you are out of the city, USA or international, we will work via Zoom.

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