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Zen Sumi Painting Party for Small Groups

Zen Sumi Painting Party for Small Groups

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We'll make a Custom Painting Party of up to 7 participants at a time of your choice. I will work with you to make your party, evening or daytime, a time of fun and learning how to make sumi brush strokes, painting, sharing, writing haiku if we want, and (maybe by the light of the moon!) drinking wine in the oldest Zen tradition.

All painting supplies are provided, except the picnic and drinks.

Participants have paintings to take home and the memory of a time of sharing and fun with their friends in a meaningful venue.

You as hostess will organize your guests, as you choose, and provide the party Location and Date TBD. Contact me if you'd like to Host a Painting Party, at, and we'll arrange details. .

The following information is available from me as a PDF file, as well as when you go to Checkout to Make your Purchase:

What is an Abstract Sumi e Workshop?

Title: Find Your Heart and Soul in Sumi e Brushwork


Sumi e is Japanese for Ink on Paper. It is based on very old Zen Japanese and Chinese painting freely from poetry or koans. I teach Abstract Sumi e, not traditional sumi e.

In this workshop, I help visual artists and artistic souls get out of their heads, their linear way of thinking, and into their hearts, from where new ways of being can emerge.

To stop or interrupt your usual way of being can open you up to who you really are. We are so much more than what we already know.

This is very liberating. It’s really the ultimate freedom.

What you will do in this Workshop

  • Introductions - What brings you here?
  • A brief talk/inquiry about meditation. “He who would learn to paint must first still his Heart.”
  • A simple, brief, guided meditation practice.
  • You will learn how to use the super large sumi brushes.
  • I teach you basic sumi e or calligraphic brushstrokes.
  • We practice Techniques of Sumi e abstract work.
  • We then will paint several abstract sumi e based on quotes from both ancient Asian poems and contemporary verse or music.
  • You will have a Handout of Brushstrokes and Techniques to take home
  • You will have several completed paintings to take home
  • We will have a time of Sharing and Showing, so important in our work of coming together in this special time of enjoying creating Abstract Sumi e from Heart and Soul
  • We will include a traditional tea or saki break, conditions permitting.

I bring:

I provide all brushes, ink, dishwater and tubs, and sumi e mulberry and practice paper.

Participants bring:

  • A 14” x 17” newsprint pad, as you will need many, many sheets for practice. (Available in most art stores and also at Red Herring Art Supplies in Lakewood.
  • 4 small paperweights, like little stones, to hold your paper still
  • A journal and pen/pencil
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Sumi ink is permanent if you get it on anything.
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