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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Sumi Sculpture, Zen style, “Silent Goddess” - by Marilyn Wells

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Sumi Sculpture, Zen style, fired-clay original with black glaze, of the “Sacred Feminine” series by Marilyn Wells, inspired by Neolithic hand carvings.

Nothing is more pure than the ancient Neolithic figures that have been found and unearthed, housed now in museums, unsigned by forgotten artists. I find a heart connection with each artist whose work I am drawn to. I feel like we are touching hands across the centuries.

Life may not be a straight timeline. I am more inclined to believe God’s world is a circle, as the ancient Celts believed, according to John O'Donohue I am closing the circle of time by coming back and joining hands with creators from these ancient, prehistoric times.

Each piece is signed and marked by the artist. 

These are high fired clay ceramics, glazed in black.  Each piece is signed and marked by the artist.

This piece is 8” high by approximately 2.5” across at widest point.

Padded “feet” are positioned on the bottom to protect your fine furniture. These may easily be removed. SOLD OUT

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