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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Sumi e Brushes for Abstract sumi e, “Firebird”, Selected by Marilyn Wells

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The "Firebird" Sumi e Brush, 10” Long, 2” x 7/8”, for abstract sumi e work, traditional calligraphy and sumi e painting of all kinds, chosen with care by Marilyn Wells. 

The Firebird is your regular all-day-long, and my favorite, soft goat-hair painting brush. Use your other brushes for particular practices and character strokes as friends and companions to this powerful little Firebird brush. Holds its tip nicely when wet. Also known as a “Tibi” brush or “lifting brush” for making large strokes, painting or writing.

These brushes shown here are used in Marilyn's workshops and personal studio to do Abstract Sumi e Beautifully. They will last for many years of painting from heart and soul

Each item is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap with “Officially Endorsed by Marilyn Wells” tag, shipped to you by USPS of your choice.
See my video on Home Page for a demonstration as well as individual brushes.

10” Long, 2” x 7/8”

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