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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Abstract sumi e Original “Rose of Pure Contradiction” by Marilyn Wells

Abstract sumi e Original “Rose of Pure Contradiction” by Marilyn Wells

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Abstract sumi e painting Original, Zen style, with ink wash and both wet and dry brushstroke work by Marilyn Wells was inspired by Rilke…

“Rose - oh pure contradiction, joy

Of being No-one’s sleep under so many lids.”

  -Rilke 1871S-1

This poem mystified me a long time. I searched for uncovered meanings of this poem. “Rilke wrote in his diary: “I invented a new form of caress: placing a rose gently on a closed eye until its coolness can no longer be felt; only the gentle petal will continue to rest on the eyelid like sleep just before dawn.”

Claire Chan writes in The Student: “To read Rilke is to reach into emptiness. One of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, Rilke’s writing dealt with the sublime, our constant inability to reach it, and the solitary nature of human existence… reverberating in some unknown depths of the soul.” Just 4 years after completing the Elegies, Rilke died of leukemia at the age of 51.

“His self-composed, paradoxical, epitaph says: ‘Rose, oh pure contradiction, joy / of being no one’s sleep under so many lids.’ One peels back layers upon layers of Rilke’s poetry, only to find nothingness, emptiness. Or perhaps, with a shock of recognition, the reader comes face to face with himself, “exposed on the cliffs of the heart”.

It is a 1st version. 

These paintings are each unique art works. Imperfections are to be expected and are the hallmark of original art and the artist's hand. Sizes of original mulberry paper painting may vary, each approximately 14” x 18” - mat size is 18” x 22”. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, packaged in a clear sleeve.

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request. Prints also available.

Special packing and shipping available with UPS. I can arrange with you to have framing with a UV acrylic protective cover done by my personal framer, Metropolitan Frame Company, Denver, CO for $255.00. This frame is a clean, modern, charcoal black finish, my personal choice. Contact me for information. Shipping charges may increase slightly.

Read more about my work and process under About Me, bottom of the Home Page.

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