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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

"On a Hill Overlooking" By Marilyn Wells, original oil painting

"On a Hill Overlooking" By Marilyn Wells, original oil painting

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This painting was inspired by: 

"I would like to write a poem about the world that has in it

nothing fancy.

But it seems impossible.

Whatever the subject, the morning sun

glimmers it." 

  -from“This World” -Mary Oliver 2205OC

20" x 24"

This painting is part of a new series of Sacred Earth Feminine Goddess paintings, richly textured in a cold wax process.

My intention was to show the simplicity of the Feminine Divine that is within each woman, progenitor of the Earth's people. We are all connected with Mother Earth and Father Sky and with one another. To show the beauty of this simplicity was why I created the painting.

This oil paintings is a unique art work on 4x primed fine canvas. It comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, carefully packed, shipped as Fine Art.

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request. 

Prints available. Contact me.

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