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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

“Two Young Women Walking” - oil & cold wax on canvas by Marilyn Wells

“Two Young Women Walking” - oil & cold wax on canvas by Marilyn Wells

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"Two young Women Walking” - oil & cold wax by Marilyn Wells in Blues and Golds. This painting was inspired by:

"Ordinarily, I go to the woods alone, with not a single

friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore 


If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love

you very much.” 

Mary Oliver, “How I go to the Woods”,  22090C

A Friendship Gathering and Art Salon I conjured after a long, arid summer of heat and little creative movement.

It truly, to me, represents the qualities of Friendship we achieve when we stay close to the women in our lives who mean something rich and dear to us. We must never abandon these relationships; they are of the earth and of the heart.

 I've been exploring a technique new to me but that's been around for hundreds of years - cold wax. I have always loved the icons of the Middle East and the Orthodox churches in particular, and wanted to introduce more of the rich and broken textures that appear in those icons after a few hundred years of wear and weathering. I am delighted to say I am achieving the results I want, as in this painting, larger than my earlier ones.

The subject matter is mystical and romantic, which appeals to me in many ways.

This painting is part of a new series of Sacred Earth Feminine Goddess paintings, richly textured in a cold wax process.

My intention was to show the simplicity of the Feminine Divine that is within each woman, here shown as a mystical and mythological imaginative study was my intention in creating the painting.

This oil paintings is a unique art work on 4x primed fine canvas. It comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, carefully packed, shipped as Fine Art.

30" x 40"

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request. 

Prints available. Contact me.

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