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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Evening Workshops, Sumi e & Watercolor, Summer 2024

Evening Workshops, Sumi e & Watercolor, Summer 2024

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Discover Your Inner Artist

No Fear Art Workshops

Relax. Have Fun. Embrace Creativity.

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, our workshops offer something special for everyone. Join us for three evenings of creativity and inspiration.

Two Unique Classes:

      1.  Abstract Sumi-e: The Art of Zen

Experience the serene world of Sumi-e painting. This ancient Japanese art form emphasizes simplicity and expression. You'll discover new ways to convey emotion and movement, creating abstract masterpieces that speak to the soul.

       2. Lose Your Edges: Watercolor Wonders

Unlock the magic of watercolors. Let go of perfection and immerse yourself in the fluid beauty of this versatile medium. You'll learn essential techniques and create stunning paintings that reflect your unique vision.

What to Expect:

Small classes (4-6 students) with personalized guidance

Most supplies included; a short list of additional items provided

Warm, supportive environment

Class Schedule:

Three evening sessions, 2 hours each

Sumi-e Workshop: July 10, 17, 31

Watercolor Workshop: August 7, 14, 21

Why Join Us?

Free yourself from rigid thinking and paint with heart and soul. 

Draw inspiration from poetry and your imagination.

Create your own beautiful artwork.

Connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

Spaces are limited! Choose your class and start your creative journey today.

Marilyn Wells Art Workshops

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