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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

“By the Laws of Their Faith” Abstract sumi e Original by Marilyn Wells

“By the Laws of Their Faith” Abstract sumi e Original by Marilyn Wells

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Abstract sumi e painting Original, Zen style, with ink wash and both wet and dry brushstroke work by Marilyn Wells was inspired by Mary Oliver…

…by the laws

  of their faith, not logic,

    they opened their wings

      softly and stepped

        Over every dark thing.

  - M.Oliver. “Egrets” 1850S

Mary Oliver tells in eloquent poetry of going down to the water’s edge of a pond, bruised and bleeding from scratches and mosquitos, looking across the empty water, which suddenly wrinkles into life as three egrets “a shower of white fire!” moves out. “Even half-asleep, they have such faith in the world that has made them — tilting through the water, unruffled, sure, by the laws of their faith not logic, they opened their wings softly and stepped over every dark thing.”

I loved this poem upon first reading, as I have learned through my spiritual practice that I do this too, and so can you, if you choose to follow a spiritual path, of which many are available to us. 


These paintings are each unique art works. Imperfections are to be expected and are the hallmark of original art and the artist's hand. Sizes of original mulberry paper painting may vary, each approximately 14” x 18” - mat size is 18” x 22”. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, packaged in a clear sleeve.

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request. Prints also available.

Special packing and shipping - UPS. Framing done by my personal framer, Metropolitan Frame Company, Denver,CO. This frame is a clean, modern, charcoal black finish, my personal choice.

Read more about my work and process under About Me, bottom of the Home Page.


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