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“Angels in Your Head” - Land Series 3 -Oil and Cold Wax Painting by Marilyn Wells

“Angels in Your Head” - Land Series 3 -Oil and Cold Wax Painting by Marilyn Wells

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This Oil and Cold Wax Painting Original, 24“ x 36“, oil on cradled basswood panel, was inspired by

“Angels in Your Head”

...I’ll just tell you this:

only if there are angels

  in your head will you

  ever, possibly, see one. 

    -M. Oliver “The World I Live In” 2403OCW E

One of my new "Mother Earth" Land Series. It continues now with the wabi sabi elements of the Earth. Here is the first of my Wabi Sabi oil and cold wax Earth Series, which seem to happily fit with my Sumi e work.

Wabi is a kind of poverty, not in the sense of being poor, without means, but more of the meaning of a humble spirt. Indeed, the humble may well inherit the Earth. Sabi is in the sense of non-attachment.

I've been exploring the oil and cold wax technique, new to me, but that's been around for hundreds of years. I have always loved the icons of the Middle East and the Orthodox churches in particular. I wanted to introduce more of the rich and broken textures that appear in those icons after a few hundred years of wear and weathering. I am delighted to say I am achieving the results I want, as in this painting, larger than my earlier ones.

This painting is about luxuriating in the beauty of nature and art as they come together in a richly textured, yet humble, calm, surface. The subject matter is mystical and romantic, which appeals to me in many ways. Painting abstractly leaves much to you, the viewer to interpret for yourself with all your own personal nuances and meanings.

This oil paintings is a unique art work on …….… It comes with its own Certificate of Authentication.

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request.

Prints available. Contact me.

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