“Consternation -Origins of Woman 6” by Marilyn Wells - red, orange and blacks oil and cold wax painting 24" x 36"

Sensory Synergy to Uncover Signs to Hope

“Consternation – Origins of Woman 6” by Marilyn Wells, 24″ x 36″ oil and cold wax on birchwood panel.

“Consternation - Origins of Woman” Fold within fold, the beloved drowns in its own being. This world is drenched with that drowning. -Rumi “Drenched”- Oil and Cold Wax Painting by Marilyn Wells

Dear Reader,

“Sensory Synergy” refers to the harmonious integration of various sensory elements. It combines visuals, scents, sounds, textures, and colors to enhance our perception and create an immersive experience. By thoughtfully combining these elements, we evoke emotional responses, promote relaxation, well-being, and balance. In this article, we explore how crystals, flowers, fragrances, color, numerology, and music blend harmoniously for a complete sensory experience.

In the realm of experiencing Whole Brain Living, the sensory synergies described earlier can play a significant role. Specifically, they activate and engage the upper right hemisphere of the brain, associated with bliss, a sense of oneness, and appreciation of beauty. By incorporating the harmonious blend of crystals, flowers, fragrances, color, numerology, and music, we can create an environment that stimulates and nurtures the upper right hemisphere. Altogether, this fosters a deeper connection with the universe and experiencing moments of transcendence. The sensory elements work together to evoke emotions, awaken our senses, and enhance our perception of beauty. Consequently, they facilitate a heightened state of consciousness and a greater sense of harmony with the world around us.

The phrase “Find signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy” aligns with the concept of sensory synergies and Whole Brain Living. Further, by integrating crystals, flowers, fragrances, color, numerology, and music harmoniously, we can create an immersive experience that transcends sensory stimulation. Additionally, this experience evokes profound emotions and awakens our innate capacity to find hope, peace, and joy in life. Moreover, exploring the synergy between sensory elements becomes a transformative journey. It guides us to discover signs that lead to inner fulfillment and a deeper connection with the world. Ultimately, this connection extends to the vastness of the Universe, the Infinite All, and the realization of the Oneness that permeates all existence.

crystals as sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

Crystals have captivated humans for centuries due to their beauty and believed energetic properties. Additionally, different crystals resonate with distinct frequencies and energies, impacting our emotions, enhancing meditation practices, and promoting healing and balance. For example:

1. Amethyst, with its calming energy, can help relieve stress and promote a peaceful state of mind.

2. Rose quartz, known as the stone of love, can enhance feelings of compassion and attract harmonious relationships.

3. Citrine, a crystal associated with abundance and positivity, can uplift our mood and promote a sense of confidence and abundance.

These crystals exemplify the diverse ways in which crystals can influence our well-being and provide specific benefits in our daily lives.

how to choose a crystal to experience sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope

Choose a crystal based on its beauty. We may come across a crystal that captivates us with its visual allure. We are drawn to its inherent qualities and energy. With gentle curiosity, we ask the crystal what it has to tell. In this moment, we have the opportunity to embark on a dialogue with the crystal, seeking its wisdom and messages.

As we hold the crystal in our hands, we may close our eyes and feel its energy, texture, and vibration. We enter into a quiet space within ourselves. As noted, this opens our hearts and minds to receive any insights or guidance it may offer. What messages it carries from the depths of the Earth.

In this intimate conversation with the crystal, we may receive a sense of peace. Or, on the other hand, it may it offer a reminder to stay grounded and connected to our own inner strength. The crystal may convey a message of resilience. Thus, we are urged to persevere through challenges and trust in our own capacity to overcome. Or, perhaps it whispers words of beauty and harmony, inspiring us to embrace the inherent beauty within ourselves and the world. This is a deeply personal and introspective journey.

what i saw in a workshop using simple stones

As an illustration, I taught a workshop where I had participants each select a small stone from a dish. Basically, they were to hold it, consider it as we have been writing about above. So, they did. Then, they wrote from their hearts beautiful expressions of what the stone brought up for them. For example, why it was so beautiful and personal.

As you can see, participants were invited to embark on a profound journey. Initially, it began with a simple act of choosing a small stone. As they held the stone in their hands, they felt encouraged to delve deep within. Additionally, they were to connect with their inner selves and allow the stone to evoke personal expressions and reflections.

As you can imagine, each person’s experience with their chosen stone was unique and deeply personal. As they contemplated its form, texture, and energy, they found themselves immersed in a world of meaning and significance. Consequently, the stone became a canvas for their emotions, thoughts, and memories. Layers of personal narratives unraveled, invoking a sense of awe and wonder.

In this intimate connection with their stones, participants discovered that what even the smallest rock might hold. Immense potential for personal growth and self-discovery. The stone became a tangible symbol, a physical manifestation of their inner journey. It became a focal point for contemplation Plus, it allowed them to explore the depths of their emotions and connect with their innermost desires. It became a source of inspiration, a reminder of their own strength, resilience, and the infinite possibilities that lie within.

Presently, this workshop demonstrated that any rock, regardless of its size, has the power to become deeply personal and meaningful. A small pebble held in the palm of the hand or a larger stone that serves as a visual centerpiece. Each carries its own story and symbolism.

carl jung and jill bolte taylor on honoring stone and carving stone

Both Carl Jung and Jill Bolte Taylor recognized the profound qualities of working with stone as a means to discover signs of hope, peace, and joy. For Carl Jung, the process of working with stone held deep psychological significance. He believed that stones, with their ancient presence and solid nature, symbolized stability, grounding, and a connection to the Earth. By engaging with stones, he saw that individuals could tap into the collective unconscious, facilitating inner transformation and self-discovery.

Similarly, Jill Bolte Taylor experienced a transformative journey. She, too, found solace and inspiration in the intricate patterns and textures of stones. During her recovery from her stroke, she felt a deep connection with the natural world, particularly through stone. Thereafter, Taylor perceived stones as reflections of the intricate interconnectedness of life, inspiring her artistic expression and exploration of stone carving. Through this process, she discovered a sense of hope, peace, and joy.

Remarkably, both Carl Jung and Jill Bolte Taylor recognized the unique qualities of working with stone. Consequently, this led each to more harmonious and fulfilling lives.

Thereby, stone carving becomes a transformative journey, offering solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection with oneself and the world. By engaging in the process of stone carving, individuals honor the enduring presence and grounding nature of stones.

So, the next time you come across a rock, large or small, do something special. Take a moment to hold it in your hand and consider its beauty and significance. Allow yourself to be open to the messages it may hold for you, the signs it may offer. Embrace the potential for personal growth, self-reflection, and connection that lies within these seemingly ordinary objects. In doing so, you may discover that even the simplest rock can hold profound meaning. It might become a cherished companion on your journey of self-discovery and inner fulfillment.

flowers and herbs as sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

"Red Flowers in Vase" watercolor painting by Marilyn Wells, 12" x 16"

“Red Flowers in Vase” watercolor by Marilyn Wells 12″ x 16″

Flowers have the potential to foster a sense of connection with the upper right hemisphere qualities of bliss, joy, and oneness with the Divine All. Their beauty and symbolism can evoke profound emotions and awaken our spiritual awareness. By immersing ourselves in the presence of flowers, we can experience what? Perhaps a deep sense of awe and wonder, transcending the ordinary and tapping into a realm of higher consciousness.

1.  Roses, with their delicate petals and enchanting fragrance, embody timeless beauty and symbolize love, passion, and deep emotional connections.

2.  Sunflowers also have their vibrant and uplifting presence. They evoke feelings of joy and optimism, infusing any space with a sense of positivity and cheerfulness.

3.  Jasmine is a flower renowned for its intoxicating fragrance. It can enhance mood and promote a sense of tranquility. This makes it a perfect addition to areas designated for unwinding and self-care.

Flowers’ colors, petals, fragrances:

Gateways to divine connection,

Bliss, joy, oneness embraced,

Infinite, interconnected existence.

how to choose a flower

Let yourself be drawn to the ones that captivate your senses. As you pick a flower that resonates with your heart, take the time to revel in its beauty. Admire its petals, touch its velvety texture, and breathe in its fragrance. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, embracing the joy and serenity that flowers bring. Engage in mindful contemplation, appreciating the intricate details and the transient nature of their existence. Trust your heart’s resonance with a particular flower. It often holds a deeper meaning that resonates with your inner being.

herbs carry symbolism and energy as well

Similarly, when it comes to herbs, even the simplest ones can hold profound significance. A sprig of fresh mint, a bunch of fragrant lavender, or a humble chamomile flower. Herbs have been treasured for their therapeutic properties and symbolic meanings throughout history. Just like flowers, herbs have unique qualities and energies that can positively impact our well-being.

To pick an herb that resonates with you, tune into your senses and intuition. Consider the scents and flavors that appeal to you. Explore the healing properties and cultural associations of different herbs. For instance, mint is often associated with refreshment and clarity, while lavender is renowned for its calming and soothing effects. Chamomile, with its gentle nature, promotes relaxation and inner peace.

Once you’ve chosen an herb, savor the experience of its presence. Engage in mindful rituals such as brewing a cup of herbal tea. Or use the herb in culinary creations, or incorporating it into your self-care practices. Embrace the therapeutic benefits and the subtle energy that the herb imparts. Allow it to enhance your well-being on multiple levels.

The key is to trust your own instincts and allow your heart to guide you. Embrace the beauty, symbolism, and healing qualities they offer. By forging a deeper connection with nature’s gifts, you invite more joy, meaning, and harmony into your life. Let their beauty and significance enhance your journey of self-discovery, healing, and inner growth.

signs in fragrances and aromatherapy

Fragrances and aromatherapy possess the remarkable ability to transport us, evoke memories, and profoundly impact our mood. We delve into the world of aromatherapy. We uncover how essential oils and aromatic blends can enhance multiple facets of our well-being, both physically and emotionally. Moreover, this exploration nurtures our connection with the Infinite All, opening pathways to moments of blissful transcendence. Here are three specific examples:

1. Lavender essential oil is known for its calming properties. It can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality, bringing us closer to a state of inner harmony and blissful serenity.

2. Citrus scents, such as lemon or orange essential oils. These can uplift mood, increase energy levels, and create a refreshing ambiance. All of this invites us to embrace the joyful and expansive qualities of the Infinite All.

3. Eucalyptus oil has an invigorating aroma, can support respiratory health, clear congestion, and provide a revitalizing experience. This helps us breathe in the life force of the universe. To align us with a sense of vitality and boundless energy.

These examples demonstrate how fragrances and aromatherapy not only enhance our well-being on a physical and emotional level but also serve as bridges to connect with the Universal Consciousness. Thus, they awaken a profound sense of bliss and unity with the vastness of existence.

Ultimately, by immersing ourselves in the world of flowers, herbs, fragrances and aromatherapy, we unlock the potential to find signs. Signs that lead us towards a path of hope, peace, and joy in our lives.

color holds sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

Painting in reds and pinks of "Cuthbert Grant" rose, a Canadian cultivar, in semi botanical style by Marilyn Wells as an example of Sensory Synergy to uncover Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy.

“Cuthbert Grant Rose” – Watercolor Painting by Marilyn Wells 12″ x 15″

The topic of “Color” holds the potential to help you “Find your Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy”. How? By harnessing the profound impact of colors on our emotions and well-being. Colors have the remarkable ability to evoke specific feelings and create a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures positivity and tranquility. Here are a couple of examples:

Let’s consider the vibrant hues of red and pink. Examples are in all my paintings contained in this blog article.

Red, a color associated with passion and energy, can be a powerful signpost to ignite hope within us. It can symbolize courage, determination, and the strength to overcome challenges. By embracing the energy of red, we can find the motivation and optimism. These traits are needed to persevere us on our journey towards hope, invigorating our spirits along the way.

On the other hand, the soft and delicate tones of pink can evoke a sense of peace and serenity. Pink is often associated with love, compassion, and harmony. By immersing ourselves in the soothing embrace of pink, we open our hearts to kindness and empathy. This fosters a peaceful state of mind and finding joy in connecting with others.

Together, red and pink offer a harmonious dance of emotions. This reminds us to embrace both passion and tranquility on our path towards hope, peace, and joy. We allow the vibrant energy of red and the gentle serenity of pink to guide us. Thus, we can uncover signs that rejuvenate our spirits and instill inner calmness. This may ignite the flames of joy within our hearts.

here are 3 more examples of the power of color in sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

1.Soft shades of blue. These are reminiscent of serene skies and calming waters. As such, they can inspire a sense of inner peace and instill a tranquil ambiance in your living space.

2. Vibrant hues of yellow. Because they are akin to the warmth of sunshine, these can evoke feelings of joy, optimism. With a renewed sense of hope, brightening up any environment.

3. Gentle pastel tones, such as blush pink or lavender. These can create a soothing and comforting atmosphere, encouraging relaxation and fostering a serene state of mind.

Through the transformative and delightful power of color, you can uncover subtle yet profound signs. These are the signs that guide you towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life. They connecting you with the upper right hemisphere’s boundless embrace of the Infinite Divine Oneness of All. Embracing the playful exploration of vibrant hues and captivating shades, this journey becomes a joyful celebration, infusing your existence with a sense of wonder and delight.

numerology as sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

The topic of “Numerology” offers a unique pathway for readers to discover Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy by paying attention to the meaning of numbers in their lives. By delving into the mystical realm of numbers, we can uncover valuable insights and guidance for our personal journey. Here are three examples, infused with a touch of humor, to illustrate the potential:

1.  Recurring Numbers: Firstly, pay attention to recurring numbers like 11:11 or 777 that playfully appear in your life. These numbers can be like cosmic breadcrumbs, guiding you towards moments of hope and serendipity, inviting you to embrace the joyful dance of synchronicity.

2.  Birthdate Significance: Secondly, discover the meaning behind your birthdate in numerology. If your birthdate reduces to a number associated with wisdom and introspection, you can humorously consider yourself an “old soul,” embracing the idea that you possess a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries, adding a touch of whimsy to your journey.

3.  Personal Year Numbers: Lastly, calculate your personal year number and playfully anticipate the energies and themes it brings. If it indicates a year of adventure and exploration, envision yourself embarking on a thrilling and delightful roller coaster ride of unexpected opportunities and joyful surprises, allowing the excitement to infuse your path with hope and joy.

By incorporating a lighthearted approach to numerology, we open ourselves to finding signs that inspire hope, instill peace, and bring joy into our lives. Through playful exploration of numbers, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the underlying magic of numerology reveals connections to the cosmic dance of the universe.

music & sound are filled with sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy 

Music, with its enchanting melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, has the profound ability to evoke a sense of “Behold and Know You Are Being Held,” a phrase coined by Richard Rohr. Through the captivating power of music, we are transported to a realm where language becomes secondary. It bypasses the barriers of the mind, transcending intellectual understanding.

Indeed, music touches the depths of our being, embracing us and offering a gentle reminder that we are held and supported by something greater than ourselves. It becomes a vessel, a conduit for the divine presence to manifest. In moments of listening or creating music, we experience a profound connection—a sacred communion.

We are seen, known, and held by a force beyond our individual existence. As we surrender to the melodies and rhythms, music beckons us to be fully present, inviting us to trust in the sacred mystery that tenderly embraces us.

four examples in different music genres to invite trust in the sacred mystery

1.  Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, specifically the fourth movement known as the “Ode to Joy,” is a timeless masterpiece that embodies the sense of “Behold and Know You Are Being Held.” The triumphant melodies and the uplifting choral sections celebrate the unity of humanity and the joy that comes from recognizing our interconnectedness.

2.  Bob Marley’s iconic song “One Love” carries a profound message of unity, love, and embracing our shared humanity. Its infectious reggae rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics inspire a sense of being held in a collective embrace, inviting listeners to embrace love as a guiding force in their lives.

3.  One example of a pop culture music composition that carries a sense of being held and connected is “Imagine” by John Lennon. This iconic song has become an anthem for peace, unity, and envisioning a world where all people live as one. Its heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by a simple yet powerful melody, invite listeners to imagine a world filled with love, compassion, and harmony. Through the universal language of music, “Imagine” resonates with a broad audience, inspiring a sense of being held within the collective dream of a better world.

4. Finally, Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen is a renowned and emotionally resonant song that spans various genres, including folk, pop, and contemporary music. This heartfelt composition, characterized by its poignant lyrics and Cohen’s soulful delivery, creates a profound sense of connection and contemplation. As the song builds with its melodic progression, it invites listeners to reflect on the beauty and struggles of life, ultimately offering a sense of solace and being held within the power of music’s transformative embrace.

In these compositions, spanning classical, reggae, pop, and contemporary genres, we encounter compositions that evoke a sense of being held, connected, and inspired through the universal language of music. Thus, they carry within them a transcendent quality that resonates with the sense of “Behold and Know You Are Being Held”. Thereby, we are reminded of our interconnectedness, the power of love, and the divine presence that embraces us all.

chanting in particular as an ancient path to discover signs

Chanting, whether practiced in monasteries or through the rhythmic intonation of the sacred OM sound, is a powerful means to discover signs of hope, peace, and joy.

Overall, across centuries and diverse spiritual traditions, chanting has held a central role in creating meditative and transformative experiences. By immersing ourselves in the melodic repetition and rhythmic cadence of chanting, we forge a deeper connection with ourselves and the divine. This profound immersion leads us to a sacred space within, where signs of hope, peace, and joy begin to emerge.

In particular, the OM chant resonates as the primordial vibration of the universe. Vocalizing this universal sound aligns us with the harmonious rhythm of existence. Each melodic utterance forges a profound connection with the divine, unifying our essence with the eternal cosmic dance. In this sacred practice, the signs we uncover become beacons of hope, gateways to peace, and gentle reminders of the inherent joy within us.

concluding our journey in sensory synergy to uncover signs to hope, peace, and joy

In conclusion, this article has delved into the captivating realm of uncovering signs to hope, peace, and joy through the concept of sensory synergy. Significantly, by exploring the enchanting world of crystals, flowers, fragrances, color, numerology, and music, we unravel the transformative power of these elements in fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Altogether, through their harmonious integration, we have unlocked gateways to divine connection, inner fulfillment, and a profound sense of oneness with the Infinite All. By immersing ourselves in these captivating sensory experiences, we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, finding solace, inspiration, and the signs we seek to navigate our paths towards hope, peace, and joy in life.

Ultimately, this exploration invites us to embrace the symphony of sensory synergies and harmonize our beings with the tapestry of existence. Along with my previous blog articles, we have uncovered many passages to Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy.

Next week: Our Final and Concluding Chapter in The Finding Your Signs Journey towards Hope, Peace and Joy.

Therefore, in the Spirit of Hope, Peace and Joy, I salute you, dear Reader. Send me your own stories – I know you have books to fill!



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