Why Chakra Crystals and How To Love

Why Chakra Crystals and How To Love

Why have I combined Engraved Chakra Stones with a book by our beloved, recently passed away, Thich Nhat Hanh, "How to Love"? Chakra stones are thought to be helpful to meditate upon while we are lining up our bodily energies. Each stone represents one of the 7 major or best known chakra centers within our bodies. When one or more of our chakras are out of balance, become foggy or in disharmony, our whole sense of being is out of alignment with the universe. As you become more aware of your internal body, heart and soul, you can consciously access these centers and realize where you need alignment. Carry the stone, sleep on it, put it in your bath water. Use your imagination as to how it will remind you.

In my own experience, I find the more I handle these stones, the more intimate I become with them - and I develop a relationship with each crystal I own. See if this becomes true for you as well. Sometimes, with other sets of chakra stones I've used, I forget which one is for which chakra. These are engraved in a gold color so you will not forget.

Chakra Crystals - Spirituality & Meditation - Sumi Bundle #1 includes an engraved Selenite Charger to help attune your chakra stones. Each engraving corresponds with one of the engraved Chakra Stones.

Additionally, the Obsidian Obelisk is thought to be good for grounding and strength or power. Just think about how it looks, feels, the presence it has. It will tell you its own tale.

But no powers are worth more than concerning yourself with How To Love. This little book by Thich Nhat Hanh is a beautiful study in the simplicity of Love, which is also the hardest virtue to acquire. Read a page each day as you begin your Meditation practice. Then sit for at least 20 minutes and just be quiet. Don't fuss at yourself about thoughts - they come and go like the breeze. Let them go again and again. It's important to notice.

We are all made of Stars and we are all made of Love.

I will write more on each of the elements included in the bundle in future blogs.

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