Sumi Three Towers Bundle

Sumi Three Towers Bundle

Exploring crystals and their collections will be your heart's delight when you begin to understand our alignment between the crystals of the earth and the crystals within us. Some are used simply for that intentional realignment. Some are simply beautiful to look at and to hold. Within this collection, the three most commonly valued and worked with crystals are included -the Clear Quartz tower, the Citrine Tower, and the Smoky Quartz Tower.

Along with this are other items to help you in your focus on silence and alignment for health, healing, and greater joy in your heart. Incense plus a delicate black and gold ceramic holder, with sand to fill it, along with a print of my Original "All the Way to Infinity", which is maybe the oldest symbol of Infinity, the Eternal, and  Wholeness, along with an illustrated manual on "Zen Meditation for Beginners", which is beautifully illustrated and will guide you day by day in your practice.  

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