Planetary Stone Bundle #1 by Marilyn Wells, includes 13 stones plus an Obsidian Tower, Book by Thich Nhat Hhan on "How to Love", Incense and ceramic sand holder.

How Do We Use Planetary Sumi Crystals?

So, "How", you are asking, "do I use these Planetary Sumi Crystals?"

The answer is, there are a few different ways, each equally valid. First, you may want to cleanse them and become acquainted with your crystals by enjoying an actual cleansing bath with them, blessed with an Herbal Soak for both yourself and the crystals. Add the Herbal Soak to your baht water. Invite the light or say a ritual prayer of your choice, and bathe in luxury and peace. Dry carefully and thoughtfully.

After the cleansing bath, one way to work with the crystals is the traditional crystal toss. Decide ahead of time where it will land to be the right Bingo spot. By your big toe? Furthest away from you? Hold them in your hands, shake them up a bit, breathe your inner Divine Spirit on the stones, and then concern yourself with what answer or guidance you'd like to receive. This is your Intention. Toss the stones carefully, you don't want to chip or break one, then choose the one that lands on the designated spot, and finally, study the reading for this Planetary Stone. See Below how to get a Free PDF Download.

Always opt for a Love Solution as a conclusion to any reading. Love is the only reality - anything else is smoke and mirrors and passing away. Use your creative imagination to know what the Love Solution is.

One of the 13 Planetary Stones is Venus. Here is a little story about Venus:

Venus - Planet Attributes

We all know Venus for Love, Romance, Happiness, Harmony and Joy, as well as the Arts and Beauty, Beauty in the World.  Venus has to do with music dance, drama, literature, and more. It is sensual, a celebration of beauty in our world. Venus has to do with relationships in our life, romantic and not. Venus teaches us to love and appreciate the things around us.

Beware of the reverse, which can manifest as a disconnect with grounded-ness and having your head in the clouds.

Rose Quartz is connected with Venus.

*****Planetary Symbols (all the meanings in this set) Guide comes as a Free PDF download with purchase of Planetary Crystals Bundle #1.

*****Also Free with Planetary Crystals Bundle #1 is a Lavender and Flower Petal Herbal Bath sachet, shipped to you with your order.


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