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your four pillars of inner and outer beauty

Your life is a work of art, or a garden, that you cultivate. It has a solid foundation with four corners of inner and outer beauty. You cultivate each of these four corners.

As a wise elder, artist and teacher, I want to share some thoughts from my inner journey that may help you in your own life journey of inner and outer beauty.

This inner work of beauty manifests as outer beauty. You begin to connect with each of these quadrants in the solid square foundation of your life. Through this inner action, your entire life begins to come together as a reflection in wholeness.

more about each of the four building blocks of your inner to outer beauty

1. Upper left – Cultivating connection to your heart and soul in creativity.

2. Upper right – Cultivating connection to the source of your being through heart and soul.

3. Lower left -Cultivation of outer beauty through wellness – nutrition, exercise, incorporating various therapies and modalities of caretakers and services you enlist.

4. Lower right – Cultivation of presence to the outer world in which you live and have your being. “Behold and know you are being Held.”

Your upper left quadrant is your connection to creativity. Find what is beautiful within your own heart and soul—then let it pour out in love and creativity – Art making of some kind that can be shared with others or any other form of creativity that is significant to you. Cultivate this creativity with as much time and energy as you can, as it is sacred.

Your upper right quad is your connection with your Source of Being. Find a connection in your heart with the source of your being, however you perceive that to be – then cultivate that connection in quiet and contemplation. You didn’t create yourself.

Your lower left is your connection to wellness and outer beauty. Cultivate wellness by being present in the moment to what nourishes your soul and body. Practice healthy foods. supplements, bodily exercise or action of some form. Be present as you cultivate your outer beauty with beauty rituals and routines and how you dress. Facials and mani-pedis. Care for your body with loving attention. Seek practitioners who can help you do better.

Your lower right quad is your connection to your outer world of relationships, family, community, nature, career or livelihood, home and surroundings. Behold and be present to outer beauty wherever you find it. Look for it. Be awake and aware to it. Find it. Acknowledge it and know you are being held in recognizing it. “Behold and know you are being held.”

in conclusion, cultivate inner beauty – cultivate outer beauty – build your square foundation on your own four pillars

I’m not just an artist. I’m a whole person. I’ve learned that beauty on the outside is from beauty on the inside. I’ve learned to cultivate inner beauty first and that outer beauty, in my art and my life, follows that. Consider what are the building foundations of your life. Use this pattern unless a new pattern emerges for your own journey through your own searching. We are all on the path to wise eldership.

Build your own square foundation on your own four pillars.

Cultivate Inner Beauty. Cultivate Outer Beauty. Make the Connections. Connect the pillars.

marilyn wells - artist and teacher


“Garden – Origins of Divine Feminine 4” – Original Oil Painting by Marilyn Wells

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