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Find the Signs That Will Guide You to Hope, Peace & Joy in Your Life Journey - Everyday. Starting Today.

This is a story that was told to me by my eldest daughter of a sign that has become so very meaningful to her now and in her life journey over the past 20 years. It's a story about my daughter and The Dragonfly. 

"Once upon a time, I lived in the bottom of a big pond, which was full of reeds and wonderful, yucky mud (to some). I had a family and friends and muddled around living a sorta good/sorta ho-hum existence, until…

One day I found myself rising higher and higher in the water.

Lo and behold, little larvae that I was, I suddenly found myself above the water and into bright sunshine.

I hardly knew what to do, but to shake off these long, delicate appendages and let them dry - some now call them “my wings.”

Then I found I could soar, and rise higher and higher!

I began to want to explore further and further around me.

At one point I realized to go further and see more, I was going to have to leave my old friends and family behind if I was going to fly as far and as high as I could imagine.

I was sad at first; but I vowed I wouldn’t ever forget them, and I would come back to see them as often as I could.

With that, I flew higher and farther than I ever had before.

And it was scary, and hard at first, but then I started to come down into new places that also began soon to feel like home. 

And I knew at last, yes, I was a Real Dragonfly. Not just a dream. And it was even better than it had been before!"

Now, this woman has collected dragonfly images for a good number of years, and each time she comes across a new one, she realizes all over again that she can grow, can change, needn’t be so afraid as she was when she was younger, and her wings will carry her where she needs to go in the wonderful and exciting adventures of her life.

You can see them in her house, in some of her dishes and glassware, in some of her paintings, and little icons scattered here and there throughout her beautiful home. Always reminding her of where she began her very first solo flight into the Big, Big World, and how that image of hope and transformation helped carry her through good and bad times to a better landing place than ever before.

Look for the signs in your own life. Be aware that the Universe is always trying to speak to you. It doesn’t speak just one language or just English - it speaks in synchronicities, in coincidences, in dreams, in Tarot and Oracle cards, in a book or poem you might pick up today, and of course we all get messages from music.

More of these miraculous and wonderful stories to come!

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