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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

“The House of Our Lives” by Marilyn Wells - Sumi e Oil Painting Original

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This Sumi e Oil Painting was inspired by a poem from Mary Oliver, “The House of Our Lives”,

Someday we’ll live in the sky.

Meanwhile, the house of our lives 

  Is this green world.

The fields, the ponds, the birds.

The thick black oaks.

 - M.O. Boundaries

30“ x 40“, oil on canvas

These sumi e oil painting originals were inspired by our shared love for American landscape, especially the bark of trees, rocks, weeds and the utter simplicity of the woods and wilderness places, sometimes in the mountains, sometimes of the plains. I give them to you as a respite and retreat for your eyes as they were for mine in painting them.

The canvas is the finest canvas available. Each one comes to you with a Certificate of Authenticity. Contact me for Shipping and Handling.

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