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Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Sumi e Haiku Calligraphy Commission

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I do my sumi e calligraphy in Western, Roman cursive script. The practice of both creating haiku and the actual lettering of the characters is very meditative. It is a quiet art that needs brush, ink, paper, good haiku and the drinking of much tea.

This calligraphy is of an original haiku within an ensō for added beauty and meaning.

Final 2 calligraphies will each be 14" x 18", created on 140 lb watercolor paper, mounted on wood fiber veneer board.

What you see here is a rough draft mock-up to demonstrate the style of writing and general layout.

Purchase of this Commission represents 50% of final total payment of $600.00 for finished 2 haiku calligraphy sumi e projects.


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