Print abstract sumi e “Small Mustard Seed” by Marilyn Wells
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Print abstract sumi e “Small Mustard Seed” by Marilyn Wells

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This painting was inspired by a parable of Jesus…

“The kingdom
Is like a small
Mustard seed…”
-New Testament 1869S

Just to share a story of how “The Kingdom is like a small Mustard Seed”, and when it grows, even the birds can make their nests there, so great it becomes and so abundant. We can do this with our world. I had a lovely surprise on Mother’s Day. I took myself out for a late evening Chinese food dinner after a great day in the studio, missing my children who live elsewhere. As I was seriously enjoying a big glass of plum wine, having ordered my dinner, I was surprised by a complete stranger, of a different culture than myself, who came up and told me that he was taking care of my dinner! I was surprised, amazed, and so very touched by his act of simple generosity as he saw me there alone on Mother’s Day and did a loving gesture. I will pass this on, and was so heart-warmed - it made my day and my year. We can do this with our world.

The fine print you order is made from archival, museum quality giclée ink and hot press, acid-free 100% cotton rag media with a fine-tooth surface. Each will have an additional 1/4” white border to accommodate most framing needs, or which you can cut off if you wish. It is packaged in a crystal clear envelope with a sturdy back board for shipping and framing protection.

Each print will be hand signed on the back by the artist along with a stamp of authentication.

For all prints, expect 7 business days working time, as each is hand printed just before shipping. Contact me for any other questions.

Original - AVAILABLE

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