Original abstract sumi e “Between Us” by Marilyn Wells
Marilyn Wells Art Studio

Original abstract sumi e “Between Us” by Marilyn Wells

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This painting was inspired by an unknown poet...

“The space between us
pregnant with unknown possibility…”
-Unknown 1861S
This painting is, of course, about love, but It is also about Love, because the space between any of us at any given time always has that quality. Our heart is the mirror of what is coming from the Infinite to the material, if we allow it to be, see with the eyes of Love and if that is our intention. First we have to sort out the demands of the ego and physical emotions, but if we can sense the Love that is Infinite, beyond us, more real than our physical plane, we may create something of beauty in each encounter here on Earth, and that is our task. The quote sure sounds like Rumi. :)

These paintings are each unique art works. Imperfections are to be expected and are the hallmark of original art and the artist's hand. Sizes of original mulberry paper painting may vary, each approximately 14” x 18” - mat size is 18” x 22”. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, packaged in a clear sleeve.

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