Print “Mercy 2” by Marilyn Wells
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Print “Mercy 2” by Marilyn Wells

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I made this series of paintings as a response to the first Covid shut-down in March 2020. They express the Divine Feminine energy coming into flower, against the chaos of the overly aggressive male energy we all have experienced in this era.

This is the 2nd of the series. Each of the 4 is a Mercy painting in oil.

To read the poem this painting was inspired by, see below, by Rumi…

The fine print you order is made from archival, museum quality giclée ink and hot press, acid-free 100% cotton rag media with a fine-tooth surface. Each will have an additional 1/4” white border to accommodate most framing needs, or which you can cut off if you wish. It is packaged in a crystal clear envelope with a sturdy back board for shipping and framing protection.

For all prints, expect 7 business days working time, as each is hand printed just before shipping. 20” x 24” ships in a round tube. Contact me for any other questions.

“Mercy 2”

Don’t grieve.

Anything you lose comes round

In another form.

God’s joy moves from unmarked box to

unmarked box,

from cell to cell…

’til one day it cracks them open.

Seat yourself next your joy

and have your awakened soul

pour wine.

  -Rumi “Unmarked Boxes”

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